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"Lauren's work is pure combines sensitivity and subtly with true strength and depth. It's so deeply nourishing and feel like you're bathing in a warm mothering heart-centered energy. This work transcends the physical realm and is a healing experience that involves emotional and spiritual's a ceremony of sorts that leaves you feeling transformed. I personally have a hard time relaxing and surrendering in a context of bodywork...but with Lauren, I feel safe and protected. I only wish we were still neighbors and I could enjoy this healing experience more often!"

~ Olya Rizvanova, Ceremonial Musician, Big Island, Hawaii

"A master at what you do, Lauren, I always feel replenished by your hands, leaving sessions with my heart open, my mind calm, and my body deeply relaxed. This is such a beautiful offering. Highly recommended."

~ Barbara, Ashland, Oregon

"I had a session with Lauren, and it was the best healing session I have had in a long time! She has so many gifts and 'spiritual tools' that she uses.....massage, reflexology, craniosacral therapy, Reiki.....and she allows her intuition to guide her during the session so that each session is unique and tailored to the person's individual needs. I am a spiritual consultant and energy healer myself and I have been to many people for various modalities and Lauren is one of the best! It was so relaxing and I felt great afterwards! I look forward to going again as soon as I can! Thank you Lauren for your love, care, and nurturing and healing energy. Blessings to you!"

~ Colleen Lema, Astrological Counselor, Ashland, Oregon

"Lauren has been my main go-to person for therapeutic bodywork for the last four years. She is very talented, incorporating several very effective techniques for releasing tension from the fascia, muscles, tendons, and joints. Lauren truly knows how to communicate with the body, listening by feeling and responding with just the right level of applied movement or pressure. During her long, thorough sessions, Lauren releases one area and then the next by starting with myofascial stretching on my back, she helps my body start out relaxed so that I can fully release and receive the full benefit of all that she offers. I feel like she really understands what my body needs and is asking for. I always come out feeling much looser, lighter, happier, more comfortable, and moving with more energy and freedom. I deeply appreciate Lauren's high level of skill with bodywork, which she has cultivated and refined over many years. I have been to many massage therapists over the years and can easily say she is my favorite!"

~ Ann Fielder, L.Ac., Ashland, Oregon

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